About Us

Wine Forays is an India based wine consulting, training and education company. Whether you’re an importer, winery, hotel, restaurant or an individual – if you have an interest in wine and entertainment, you can benefit from our services. The company was founded by Certified Sommelier Gaurav Anand in New Delhi, India.

We bring a fresh new perspective to all our assignments, whether it’s a wine tasting event or wine list development for hotels and restaurants. When you engage us, you can be assured of our total commitment to quality and to ensuring that your objectives are met – whether it is a fun, hip wine tasting event you’re after or a wine list that you can be proud of.

We like the wines we drink to be different and to have a personality. Similarly, we pride ourselves in being different!

Contact us now, and you’ll see why we should develop your wine list or organize your next wine tasting event.