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Update as of 14th Dec, 2010: This article on buying wine in Delhi, which I first posted in June this year, has proven very popular so I’m updating it to add information on two new wine shops in Delhi. Both of these wine shops are private and have opened over the last month or two. They are located in adjacent malls in Saket, South Delhi (MGF Metropolitan Mall, and Select CityWalk). The two new additions are at the bottom of the article, under the ‘New Wine Shops in Delhi’ heading.

Original Article:

Wine in India is not cheap. To start with there are the customs taxes, excise duties, and various other government levies. Add to that importer, distributor and retailer margins. Once the math is done, even what is a lowly US$5-$7 (Rs.225- Rs.315) wine on a US retail shelf will end up costing a lofty Rs.1,000 (US$22) or more in India! So, the question is: where will you part with your hard earned money to buy that bottle of wine in Delhi? Even at these high prices, buying wine in Delhi is not straightforward or easy.

What should a good wine shop in Delhi be like? Without getting too wishful, here are the two things you should look for:


The way the wine is stored is the most vital element. The minimum requirement is that the shop should be air-conditioned. No, I’m not a spoiled brat! As we all know, temperature in Delhi routinely exceeds 45°C. In a place where wine is stored the temperature should not routinely exceed 25°C, or there is a real risk of the wine spoiling over time. Wine is a relatively delicate product that can spoil easily if it is not stored correctly. In that sense it is more akin to food products than to hard spirits.

Wine does not spoil instantly even in adverse storage conditions. Depending on how poor the storage conditions are, the wine will spoil over time: starting with losing its fruit flavours or developing off-flavours. I have tasted a number of wines in Delhi that have off-flavours, have lost their fruit flavours, taste baked or cooked or in general are spoiled. Mostly, these wine faults are due to poor storage and transport.

The wine should also be stored away from strong direct light. Finally, there should be a provision to store wine bottles on their side or horizontally. Wine with the modern screw-cap closures can be stored upright. If wine with a traditional cork closure is stored upright for more than a few weeks, there is a risk of the cork drying out and letting in oxygen, which can spoil the wine.

Choice – availability of a number of different wines:

The more the number of wines available, the higher the chances that you will find what you’re looking for. Part of the enjoyment of buying wine is the act of ‘browsing’ in the wine store. You can learn a lot about different kinds of wines by simply reading the labels and looking at the variety on offer.

Most so-called ‘English Wine and Beer shops’ around the city and highways fail on both the counts above. What limited selection of wine they do have tends to sit on a shelf in or near direct sunlight and with no regard to proper storage. However, there are a few reasonably good options for buying wine in Delhi. Here are two places I can recommend:

The swanky DSIIDC liquor shop in the DLF Place Mall, Saket

High Times (a DSIIDC government liquor shop), Shop No. 154, Ground Floor, DLF Place Mall, Saket, New Delhi – 17. Phone: 011-41408267, 011-41408268

The lowdown on this shop:

• Conveniently located in south Delhi. They have another branch in Connaught Place that is larger in size but offers an almost identical selection of wine.

• The shop is air-conditioned: though the AC is switched off at night which partly defeats the purpose of air-conditioning in the first place! Temperature fluctuation is not good for wine, but at least the wine is saved from the hottest daytime temperatures.

• Ease of browsing – plenty of space to walk about the store and browse the wines. Safe and pleasant atmosphere for everyone, including women, to buy wine and spirits.

• Provision to store wine sideways.

• Good selection of Indian wines.

The Indian Wines section at the High Times store

• The imported wines selection is somewhat limited at the moment due to supply factors and the Delhi government brand registration process. You will be able to find a basic selection of imported wines, but do not expect too much. The staff at the shop says that much more variety can be expected in the coming weeks, after supply resumes.

Empty shelves in the imported wine section at the High Times store. Staff expect new supplies soon.

• Total number of wine labels currently available is 35, which is quite a low number. This is expected to more than double when supply resumes in a few weeks.

• Friendly and courteous staff, but not well-versed with wine.

Spencer’s – the Wine & Spirits section, MGF Mega City Mall, Main Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon Phone: 0124-4375331

The lowdown on this shop:

• By far, the best selection of wine in the Delhi NCR. The staff claims there are 250 labels on the shelves. I would guess there are more like 150+ labels, but it is well possible that more stock is expected.

Wine Display at the Spencer's store Wine & Spirits section, MGF Mega City Mall, Gurgaon

• Good selection of Indian wine and a fairly good selection of imported wines.

• Like above, the shop is air-conditioned: though here too the AC is switched off at night, again partly defeating the purpose of air-conditioning in the first place!

• Ease of browsing – plenty of space to walk about the store and browse the wines. Safe and pleasant atmosphere for everyone, including women, to buy wine and spirits.

• Friendly and courteous staff – a wine advisor is also available who knows the stock, has some basic wine awareness and can point you to the wine you’re looking for.

• Most wines, except the more expensive bottles, are stored upright. It would be helpful if wine with traditional cork closures was stored sideways.

• Fine wine (the really expensive stuff, capable of ageing) is available in a separate fine wine cabinet. The most expensive wine available is a 1997 Chateau Lafite Rothschild for approximately Rs.69,500 (US$1545). Disturbingly, the cabinet in which all the expensive fine wines are stored in is not temperature controlled. This is inexplicable because the value of the wine in the fine wine cabinet far exceeds the cost of a temperature-controlled cabinet or wine fridge. The staff says that if the wine turns out to be spoiled, they undertake to take it back. I would not put the policy to test!

Fine Wine Cabinet at Spencer’s: Expensive fine wine, including a Rs.69,500+ Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1997, is kept in an unrefrigerated cabinet here.

Both shops have some outdated stock on their shelves – mainly vintages of ‘basic’ wine that are too old. For example, a very basic and relatively inexpensive 2004 Chardonnay from California that is probably well past its prime and likely to taste stale. The lesson for the shopper is to be selective, read the vintage date on the front label, browse extensively, and ask knowledgeable friends for recommendations. If buying a relatively inexpensive wine, go for a more recent vintage!

Today’s Times of India carried a news story about licenses being granted to open new privately run liquor shops in Malls in Delhi. Click here to see that news story. With the entry of new players, buying wine in Delhi may become easier in the future. The availability of good wine retail outlets is definitely a gap in the market in Delhi and around, and I’m sure someone enterprising will step in to take advantage of the opportunity soon enough – especially as awareness of and interest in wine in India is growing rapidly.

New Wine Shops in Delhi (updated, Dec 14, 2010):

House of Spirits, F-19 & 20 Select CityWalk, District Center, Saket, New Delhi – 110017. Phone: 011-46544210

The lowdown on this shop:

  • This shop is comparable to the High Times DSIIDC liquor store which is in the adjacent DLF place mall and is reviewed in the original article above.
  • The shop fancifully calls itself the ‘Liquor Concept Store’. If there is a unique concept behind the store, it wasn’t obvious to me.
  • Being in a Mall, the shop has obvious advantages: air-conditioning, accessibility, and a welcoming/safe place for female shoppers.
  • In my rough estimation, it stocks about 80+ labels of imported wines and about 20+ labels of Indian wines. The imported wine selection is mostly entry-level wines, the majority priced at less than Rs. 1500. This is a fairly decent collection of entry-level wines for Delhi wine shops and overall, this wine shop offers a better selection than the DSIIDC High Times store in the adjacent mall. The prices will be the same in both stores.

    Imported Wines Display at the House of Spirits Store

  • Champagne, Cava and Indian sparkling wine is also available. The most expensive bottle of wine in this shop is probably the Dom Perignon 2000 Champagne, which is priced at Rs. 16,890.
  • The staff does not know much about wine, so don’t count on them to help you make a selection.

The Liquor Store, Shop No. 44-45, Ground Floor, MGF Metropolitan Mall, Saket, New Delhi – 110017. Phone: 011-26016640

The lowdown on this shop:

  • This is one liquor store in a mall that still feels like a glorified ‘Theka’.
  • The imported wine selection is very limited, though all the main Indian labels seem present.
  • I can’t think of any reason to buy wine here when there are better options available in both of the two adjacent malls.
  • The staff expectedly does not know much (or almost anything) about wine, so again don’t count on them for recommendations.

There are other private liquor and wine shops that have opened in Malls in other parts of Delhi (using a new category of license for private liquor stores in Delhi Malls). I have not visited these shops, but I suspect that they will be similar to the mall-based liquor stores I’ve reviewed here. If I hear about a genuinely good and worth-visiting wine shop elsewhere in Delhi, I’ll certainly review it and provide that information here.

So have the new liquor and wine shops sprouting in the Malls in Delhi changed the wine retail picture for the better? The situation has certainly improved – the new shops have better ambience and selection than neighbourhood Thekas, they allow browsing and are safer for women to shop at. However, beyond that they still feel like ‘old wine in a new bottle’ – to use a pun! In a way these shops are simply gentrified Thekas. They are limited by the policies of the Delhi government excise department – which means that their wine selection is very limited and prices very high. And they still do not seem to be making any investment in staff training. Spencer’s in Gurgaon still remains the better (and cheaper) place to buy wine in Delhi NCR if you want anything more than a rudimentary selection.

About Gaurav Anand

Certified Sommelier Gaurav Anand is an India based wine writer, consultant, educator and founder of Wine Forays. He earned his Sommelier certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers and holds the WSET Advanced certification in Wines & Spirits. Above all, he is a wine lover on a full-time mission to taste and discover the best wines in the world.
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59 Responses to Buying Wine in Delhi

  1. Renaud says:

    “If wine with a traditional cork closure is stored upright for more than a few weeks, there is a risk of the cork drying out and letting in oxygen, which can spoil the wine”: very true. I worked briefly in a cork manufacturing company in France, and this was a frequent source of problems.
    I just found your blog. Pretty nice, keep it up! All the best in your new project.

  2. SUNNY SINGH says:

    Hi Dear

    Thats lot of information about shops but I was wondering if there is any place in India where you can browse on line and place an order for wines. If possible please do send me link on

  3. Metula says:

    Hi Gaurav,

    Could you please suggest any wine in the range of 2000 that I can gift to someone. I live in Gurgaon and hope that Spencer will have that wine you suggest.

    • Gaurav Anand says:

      Hi, It’s been a while since I went into that store so I’m not sure what they have on their shelves now. You have not mentioned the kind of wine that you’re looking for (red, white, sparkling) or the occasion that you need it for, so I can only make general suggestions. I remember that the last time I was there, they had Chateau Ste Michele (from Washington State, USA) that is good across the range – try the Syrah, the Merlot or the Cabernet Sauvignon. Among the whites, the Chateau Ste Michele Riesling is also a good choice.

      You could also buy any Villa Maria wine from NZ – again good across the range (Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc etc). Other choices could be Nederburg Shiraz from South Africa, or Dr. L (loosen) Riesling from Germany. Finally, you could go for a sparkling wine. Champagne will be out of your budget as it starts at around Rs. 5000+, but you could go for either Cava from Spain (Freixenet is a reliable brand).

      If you’re still confused, drop me a mail – but with names of some labels available on the shelves in Spencers now and I’ll be happy to make more suggestions. Good luck!

      • ankita says:

        love d article n d thread below
        can u sugesst best wine to gift to my boy frnd on his bday(he collects wine)…either red or white n i wana limit my budget to 3000

        • Gaurav Anand says:

          Hi Ankita,

          Without knowing what your boyfriend likes, its hard to suggest particular wines. The best with be to take him wine shopping with you! Wine lovers love to spend time in good wine stores. However, below are a few choices all within your range. Since you mentioned your boyfriend likes collecting – these wines can be drunk now or they can be laid down for a few years and they will improve with age (provided they’re stored correctly):

          Villa Maria, Cellar Selection Pinot Noir
          Chateau Ste Michelle Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon
          Meerlust ‘Rubicon’

          These are some wines I’ve seen on the shelves (but a while back). If you don’t find these, note the names of some wines withing your range that are available and drop me a note again for my suggestions.

          Good luck!


  4. Ashwani says:

    Hi Gaurav,

    It might be a very casual question but could you please suggest me that where can I get a “Blavod” (the black vodka) in Delhi-NCR and in what range?

    • Gaurav Anand says:

      Hi Ashwani,

      All questions are welcome. In this case, I don’t know the answer to your question. When you do manage to find the ‘Black Vodka’, please do drop in a note and let me know what you think of it. Black Vodka is definitely a novelty – as one of the USP’s of Vodka (which is almost always colourless) is supposed to be clarity, and the fact that it is neutral in taste. Wonder what’s next……white whisky?!


  5. Kanika says:

    Hi Gaurav,

    That is a wonderful article above. Very informative for people like who don’t know much about wines. It would be great if you could suggest a place in Delhi where I can buy Vintage Wines. Maybe late 1980’s. Times High at DLF Place, Saket only had wines from the 21st century, none any older than that.

    Thanks in advance


    • Gaurav Anand says:

      Hi Kanika,

      Unfortunately there’s no retail shop in Delhi (or in India for that matter) that sells good ‘mature wine’ from older vintages of the 1980’s. Even if any of Delhi’s wine shops were to stock older vintages, I would be very vary of buying these from there. These will be expensive wines and you should be very selective about where you buy them. With mature wines of older vintages, ‘provenance’ or how they have been stored is extremely important. Retail shops in India do not have the conditions necessary to store these delicate wines in the proper manner.

      Here are three alternatives:
      1. Buy and enjoy mature wines at one of Delhi’s 5-star hotels that may carry older vintages (Imperial, Aman Resorts) though I’m not sure if they currently do. If they do, you’ll probably have to mortgage your home to pay for the wine (unless you’re very rich and I’m naive).

      2. Procure the wine when traveling abroad (or ask a friend to procure for you). I suggest buying from reputable independent wine shops (Berry Brothers & Rudd in London is an example). This is the most cost-effective option, and you’ll not have to mortgage your home!

      3. Buy younger vintages of ageworthy wines, and cellar them yourself at home for the long term. This needs bucket loads of patience, and good storage conditions!

      Good luck. If you do find the wine you’re looking for, do drop a note and tell us all about it!


  6. himanshu singh says:

    hi Gaurav

    can u suggest me any off-licence shop in new delhi, where i can get the following wines :

    luca cabernet sauvignon
    gatonegro carmenere
    two ocean pinotage
    yellow tail shiraz
    malambo shiraz malbec
    la reserve
    bel arbor merlot

    Do let me know abt these wines a.s.a.p

    • Gaurav Anand says:

      Hi Himanshu,

      I don’t keep track of the exact labels available in each store, as this changes based on availability and other factors. I’m quite sure though that at least a few of these labels are available in the High Spirits store in DLF Place Mall, Saket. I remember seeing the La Reserve, Two Oceans and Malambo there in the past. There are three liquor stores in the three adjacent malls in Saket – a walk through these mall stores should get you the wines that you’re looking for, or suitable alternatives. Most wines you’ve mentioned are entry level – and all three stores stock plenty of entry-level labels.


  7. suman says:

    hi gaurav…
    nice work.. could u plz tell me where i can get champagnes in Delhi/NCR..???? what r d good brands n range….?

    • Gaurav Anand says:


      I assume you’re only looking for the real thing – ‘Champagne’ that can only come from the Champagne region in France. If you’re looking for range – your best bet is the Spencer’s shop in Gurgaon MGF mega mall mentioned in my article. All the Champagne brands available there are decent – you’ll find Veuve Clicquot there, which is very good. Also the usual suspects – Moet & Chandon etc are also available. If you really want to splurge, you can go for the Dom Perignon.

      Expect the Champagne prices to start at a minimum of Rs. 5,000 and go upwards from there. If that’s out of your range, the same shop has some cheaper sparkling wines available from Italy (Prosecco) and Spain (Cava) that you should be able to pick up for less than Rs. 2,000. If bubbles is your only objective and quality does not matter too much – Sula Brut at less than Rs. 1,000 (I think) is an option as well.

      Good luck!

  8. Saurabh Angra says:

    Hi Gaurav,

    It was good to have insight about wines selling through your article. I intend to open a wine shop on same concept which house of spirits is doing.

    Pls suggest me the labels what i can keep and also if i can have adetailed insight about the best way to sell wines in delhi retail market.

    Also what are the malls in delhi where you suggest opening of these kind of shops now.

    I would apreciate if you can mail me the same on

  9. Surinder Sharma says:

    Can you please suggests me where can I buy wine online in India. As Diwali is inching up and I am thinking to buy online and gift to my few friends. directly.

    • Gaurav Anand says:

      Hi Surinder,

      Unfortunately it’s not possible to buy wine online in India – as online retail of wine is not permitted. The closest you can come to the experience is by becoming a member of the Wine Society of India and browsing their currently available shipment online. They have a website – and you can look them up to see what they’re currently offering.


      • shashank gupta says:

        Is there any law that we cant sell alcohol online ? can you please point me out to that license or law as i am looking for more information on this subject .

        • Gaurav Anand says:

          Hi Shashank,

          I’m not a lawyer so I’m sorry I can’t help you with your question. Alcohol in India is a State subject so perhaps its best if you consult a lawyer about the specific laws in your state.


  10. Paru says:

    Hi Gaurav, it’s possible to buy wine on line in foreign e-store? They are allowed to send to India at least one bottle?

    Thank you

    • Gaurav Anand says:

      Hi Paru,

      No – it is not possible due to legal restrictions. Online sale of alcohol is not permitted in India even for those licensed local vendors – and it is definitely not allowed for a foreign store to sell and ship wine to consumers in India.


  11. Vick says:

    hi Gaurav
    where will I get Prosecco , Cava and Sula Brut around NCR?
    Thanks .

    • Gaurav Anand says:

      Hi Vick,

      Sula Brut is available practically in all stores (even neighbourhood stores) in Delhi that sell IMFL. As for Prosecco and Cava, these are available in all the three mall-stores in Saket mentioned in the article above. All three are also available at the Spencer’s in MGF Mega Mall in Gurgaon.


  12. vick says:

    thanks mate …appreciate it

  13. Nidhi Jain says:

    Hi Gaurav,
    thanks for the wonderful insight regarding wine shops. I am novice and I would be grateful if you could suggest some names of wines available in Delhi ranging 1000-.2000.


    • Gaurav Anand says:

      Hi Nidhi,

      There are a lot of wines in that range! I’ve already made suggestions in this range earlier in this thread. Just scroll up to find them. See if you can find any of those wines. If not, let me know where you’re shopping and perhaps send me a list of a few wines you’re considering and I’ll be happy to help you pick amongst them.


      • Nidhi Jain says:

        Hey Gaurav…
        I could not find wines at the House of spirit that you have suggested in some of the mails. so finally i ended up with cabarnet souvignon Tara Paca from Chile.
        Please let me know if it was a good buy and would it be a good wine for the beginner.

        • Gaurav Anand says:

          Hi Nidhi,

          Clearly I need to make another round to these stores to take a look at what they have on their shelves, so I can update my suggestions. Thanks for coming back with your feedback – I’ll work on this soon.

          As for the wine you picked up – well done. Vina Trapaca is a very good Chilean producer and the wine you have picked (the Cabernet Sauvignon) is a good one. Let me know if you like it. One of my favourites from this producer is the white wine – Tarapaca ‘La Isla’ Sauvignon Blanc, which I think is very good value for money and perfect for the summer (which will be here before we know it).

          Anyway, I’ll post updated recommendations once I make another round of the stores. In the meantime, keep the questions coming!


  14. rish says:


    Looking at gifting a white wine available in stores like spnsr gurgaon.. costing between 20000-25000..would appreciate help pls..

    • Gaurav Anand says:

      If your budget is that high, you could go for a vintage Champagne like a Dom Perignon 2002. I’ve seen it at Spencers in the past. You would be hard-pressed to find other white wine that expensive at wine stores in India. Perhaps you’ll find some Grand Cru white wines from Burgundy but I doubt if it’ll get up to the 20-25K mark you’re looking at.

  15. Siddharth says:

    Hi Gaurav,
    Are there any online wine stores in India where one can browse and buy?
    Is there any legal issue in selling wine online??


    • Gaurav Anand says:

      Hi Siddharth,

      I’m not aware of any wine stores in India where you can browse and buy online. As for the legalities of this – alcohol is a state subject in India, and you’d need to look into the laws of your particular state.


  16. Emmanuel says:

    Hi Gaurav,

    Very nice article which give a hand to people who don’t know where buy wine in Delhi.
    However, I went to two shops you’ve introduced in your article, and I was very disappointed about the range of European wines, especially the French ones. Only 8 sorts, among them 3 vins de table too expensive for their quality, and no Medoc ! I could find a slightly better range in Defence Colony, thought it still insufficient for me.
    I would like to find some Gaillac, Fronton, which are much cheaper than Medoc in France, almost unknown abroad even in countries where you have a decent win market, but have a very good cost/performance quality. If they were sold in India, they could cost like an Italian middle range in India, or maybe less. I would also be happy to find some Madiran, Cahors, Irouleguy, and Cotes de Saint-Mont.

    I guess it’s almost impossible to find that in Delhi, but at least, do you know where I can find some Cru bourgeois, or languedoc wine (except the chateau neuf du pape, very good but too expensive here) ?

    I count on your help.

    • Gaurav Anand says:

      Hi Emmanuel,

      Wines from Southwest France appellations that you mention (Cahors, Madiran etc) are simply not available in India as most importers do not carry these. You will be able to find a better selection of wines in Gurgaon than in Delhi. I’ve mentioned Spencers in Gurgaon where you’ll definitely find a better selection than Delhi. Did you have a look there?


      • Emmanuel says:

        Hi Gaurav,

        Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I haven’t go to Spencers yet, as it’s a little bit far from the place where I live, but I will try to go there as soon as possible. I hope to see another article from you on this page !

  17. Vivek says:

    Anyone know if and where can I find the following two wines in delhi ncr:

    Pierre Laplace Madiran Tannat
    Chateau D’ Aydie

  18. ronald white says:

    I recently moved to India and had to go to the customs depot in Deli to collect the shipment of my belongings. It was HOT!!, (45c) and inside the steel containers was even hotter. My question is, if the foreign wines go through what my belongings went through, then I don’t care if the wine shop is dark and air conditioned. The wine has already been ‘cooked’ before it reaches the shop. In one shop, (air conditioned) in Connaught Place, I spent Rs1500 on some Chilean Cab Sauv and when I opened in Dharamsala, it had a decidedly cooked flavor. It was not corked and the vintage should have been okay, (3 years old). Just saying ………

    • Gaurav Anand says:


      You’re right – there is a real risk of the wine getting cooked even before it reaches a shop if it has been lying inside a hot container in the customs yard during the summer. That’s why it makes sense for Indian importers to get their stocks in during the winter. The better importers do tend to do this -timing the arrival of their shipments to avoid the hot summer months. However, not all importers to do this. In addition, not all importers have air-conditioned warehouses – so that’s another opportunity for the wine to spoil before getting to the shop. This remains a risk of buying wine in India or in any other hot country. The pity in India is that most shops will not offer customers a refund for wine that was sold in an improper condition. So customers, like you, basically end up losing money. Perhaps this is one reason why some in India avoid buying wine in the first place – its simply ‘safer’ to stick to beer or spirits.

      As the supply chain infrastructure in India improves, wine retail will benefit. But the pace of this is by no means a certainty. Till then – buyer beware!


  19. ronald white says:

    Oh. I should add to the above. If you are spending less than say Rs750 you will be better off buying Indian wine. I’ve found that the Grover Sauvignon Blanc is quite good. I’ve tasted many of the wines either produced, or imported by Sula and their Madera red and white is an acceptable easy drinking wine. The Astica which Sula imports from Chile is pretty good too. But of course as it is imported may spend time in the hot customs yard. At least with the Indian wine, you will avoid having it cooked in customs. Of course there are plenty of opportunities for Indian wines to get cooked before they reach the shops too.

  20. Vikas says:

    Hi Gaurav

    Does Delhi sell any port wine or sherry.

    • Gaurav Anand says:

      Some basic Ruby Port is available in Delhi (and maybe some LBV) but no Vintage Port. I think I’ve seen some commercial cream sherries in the market, but no other sherry styles are available in the Delhi market (or in India for that matter).

      • Vikas says:

        Many thanks Gaurav for sparing time to this quick and precise reply. For cream Sheeries do you advise to explore Saket twin malls ( SelectCity &DLF) or any other place?

  21. Ashu says:

    Hi gaurav, can you told me a list of alcohol free wine under 3000 rs in delhi

  22. Karan says:

    Hi Gaurav,
    Thanks for your knowledgeable insight about wines…..can u also tell me the cheapest neighbouring state to stock up the wines…Delhi, UP, Haryana, Chandigarh… sure you will be well verse with duties of these states. Im basically interested in basic imported wines <1500/-

    • Gaurav Anand says:

      Cheapest neighbouring state to Delhi to buy wine is Haryana, with Gurgaon being the key location with the maximum availability. Expect wine prices in Haryana (Gurgaon) retail to be anywhere from 15%-30% cheaper than in Delhi. Be aware, however, of restrictions in carrying liquor across state lines – especially in crossing from Gurgaon to Delhi.

  23. Abhishek says:

    Could u plz tell me where in can have sekt-(german sparkling wine) in delhi?
    Tell me some brands of sekt as well which comes in the range of 1000-2000 INR.

    • Gaurav Anand says:

      Sekt is harder to come by in Delhi than Prosecco or Cava. But it is available in a few places. One of the brands available in Delhi is Romer Sekt Kronung Halbtrocken for around Rs. 1100-1200.

  24. Neha says:


    Thanks a lot for such a great article. It was really very helpful, specially for the ones who don’t have any idea about wines to gift to someone. I totally have no clue about wines and not even liquor. So, can you please suggest me with some names of good white wines? One of them you suggested earlier in this post was “Chateau Ste Michele Riesling”. Also, one of my friend suggested to buy “Jacob’s Creek Reserve Chardonnay”. Is this a good choice? If yes, then will this be available in Delhi stores you listed in the post?


  26. Karun Stephen says:

    Could you please let me know where in Delhi the best red and white wines are available with reasonable prices like 2000 to 3000 rupees ! thanks

  27. saurabh says:

    really nice article there.
    have visited the shop in saket it’s really good.

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