Market-entry Services for Wineries

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Are you a winery interested in exporting your wine to India? Do you want to take the first-steps to enter the Indian wine market? Are you aware of the opportunities and challenges of the India’s wine market? The Indian wine market will continue to grow in size. To benefit from this growth, wineries will need to partner with an Indian importer that’s a good fit for them. We can help you find an importer and start your business in India.

Learn more about the market

We can help you get a realistic perspective of the Indian wine market, the way it is developing and the challenges faced by new entrants. This overview is crucial for developing the right expectations and goals for the Indian wine market.

Find the right importer

Which importer you pick will be the most important decision that will determine your success in the Indian market. India has over 80 wine importers and the number is growing every day. We can help you find an importer that’s right for you. Not only can we tell you more about each importer – we can help you strike the deal with the right importer.

Take the first steps in the market

Finding an importer is just the first step for being successful in the market. We can help you organize winemaker dinners, trade tastings and other events that will help you position your wines in the Indian market and start the process of building your brand.

Why engage Wine Forays for your India market-entry efforts?

  1. We have a solid understanding of the market based on real experience on the ground.
  2. We have relationships with importers at the top-level. If your offering is compelling and a good fit for a particular importer – we can help you approach them and start a relationship.
  3. Realistic assessment: we will sit down with you to understand your wines, their price points and your goals for the market. If we feel we can’t help you because we do not see a current opportunity for you – we will tell you so.
  4. We can save you money by helping you optimize your business development efforts in India.
  5. Your foray into the Indian wine market will be lead by Gaurav Anand – a knowledgeable professional with a strong understanding of both wine and business.