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There is at least one online liquor and wine shop in India. It is the online shop of Bangalore-based liquor chain Madhuloka, which has a dozen brick-and-mortar liquor stores in the Garden City. It appears that their free-delivery for online sales is restricted to Bangalore.

The Madhuloka online shop site is fairly basic, though functional enough. Hundreds of labels of beer, spirits and wine are listed for sale.  With at least 250 labels of Indian and imported wine listed for sale online, this shop appears to have a fairly large selection by Indian standards. Each wine SKU is accompanied by a bottle image, and some basic tasting notes or pairing suggestions. Most wines, even the most expensive ones, do not have a vintage listed. For example, Dom Perignon Champagne is listed at Rs. 11,900 but no vintage is mentioned. The most expensive wine I spotted on the site is Château Palmer, which is listed at Rs. 25,900 but, once again, does not mention a vintage. One side-benefit of the site is that it could be a good resource for those, in India and overseas, who would like to get a snapshot of retail prices of imported wine in India.

If the site functions as promised (online ordering and free, convenient home delivery of liquor), the residents of Bangalore certainly seem to have a leg-up on the rest of the country where easy availability of quality wine is concerned. But this is the least that you would expect from India’s technology capital.

Click here to visit the Madhuloka online shop.


About Gaurav Anand

Certified Sommelier Gaurav Anand is an India based wine writer, consultant, educator and founder of Wine Forays. He earned his Sommelier certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers and holds the WSET Advanced certification in Wines & Spirits. Above all, he is a wine lover on a full-time mission to taste and discover the best wines in the world.
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3 Responses to Online Wine Shop in India

  1. sidd banerji says:

    Thanks a lot for such an informative report on the country’s first online wine shop.Best wishes to Madhuloka.Shall soon expect the service to catch up pan India.

  2. Anuj says:

    Dear gaurav,

    just wanted to understand how is madhuloka working this model…i mean is it legal…if yes..what is required for this..

    • Gaurav Anand says:


      I’m not a lawyer and I’m not familiar with the laws in Karnataka, so I can’t be sure of whether their online site is strictly legal. From the practical point of view, it is the state excise department that licenses and regulates liquor outlets. If they do not object to an online shop, I don’t see a problem. In Madhuloka’s case, I would imagine that they have some form of approval or understanding with the state excise department that allows them to operate an online wine shop. Personally, I don’t see an issue with selling online if you have a liquor license. But I imagine that there are issues around age verification during the ordering and delivery process that could be problematic for an online vendor. Again, this would be up to the state excise department to pursue (or disregard).


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