Wine Tasting Events

Wine Tasting EventsExperience and learn about wine in a relaxed environment – with tastings hosted by Certified Sommelier Gaurav Anand.

Corporate events

All events will be held at a venues chosen with your convenience and needs in mind.

Office party

Reward your employees with an entertaining, fun and informative evening through a Wine Forays wine tasting event.

Train your sales force

Especially those headed abroad, to read a wine list and order wine in a restaurant. This small investment will increase their confidence while entertaining clients or closing a deal over a meal.

Unwind with your team

Simply use a wine event as an excuse to learn something new

Client entertaining

Want an exclusive, stylish top-management event? How about a fine wine tasting event?

Private Tastings

Would you like to entertain your friends and family with an exclusive, stylish, hard-to-replicate event? How about organizing a professional Wine Forays tasting event?

Why engage Wine Forays for a tasting event?

  1. Our events are designed to be FUN and informative, taking the pretense, formality and snootiness out of drinking wine.
  2. You are guaranteed to leave our wine tasting event better informed and educated about wine.
  3. Each session is run by Certified Sommelier Gaurav Anand. As an experienced taster, writer and educator, Gaurav has extensive experience conducting professional tastings.
  4. Our events are designed for all levels of wine drinkers: from beginners to connoisseurs. Prior experience of or exposure to wine is not essential.
  5. Experience the diversity of the wine world: you will have an extensive choice of wines. Your choices are not restricted to any particular producer, importer or brand.
  6. Each session will be customized to suit your preferences, needs and budget.
  7. Wines will be carefully selected to ensure that these are good varietal examples and good representations of the winemaking regions/countries that they come from.